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Lorenzo’s Burritos – Burrito Kitchens

Lorenzo’s Burritos

Lorenzo's Burritos - C-Store
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Hand-Made Burritos

Restaurant Flavor

C-Store Convenience

All of the Lorenzo’s line of burritos are wrapped in an oven and microwave safe wax paper and are ½ pound (8oz). They come 12 to a case. These burritos have a one year shelf-life while frozen. Once thawed, they have a two week shelf-life while refrigerated. Our burrito’s labels are color coded to make it easier to recognize inventory and help customers know what they are purchasing.

Key Selling Points

  • Hand Made- Hand Filled, Hand Rolled
  • Oven and Microwave Safe Paper Wraps
  • Marketing Support Materials
  • Safe, Efficient, USDA Production
  • More Filling; More Real Meat & Cheese
  • Home-style Mexican Recipes
  • Long Refrigerated shelf life (14 days)
  • Long Frozen Shelf Life (12 months)
  • Real Ingredients, Competitive Pricing
  • Real Shredded Jack and Cheddar Cheese
  • Beans Made from Scratch
  • Real Ground Beef
  • Real Chicken
  • Real Steak
  • Real Bacon
  • Chorizo and Sausage Made from Scratch with Pork Shoulder not by-products
  • No TVP
  • All Natural Tortilla

The Burritos(Packaging is color coded accordingly):


Potato, Egg & Cheese (Mild) – 

Potato, Veggie Green Chile and Cheese

Bean & Cheese (Mild) – 

Vegetarian Refried Beans and Cheese

Ground Beef (Hot) – 

Ground Beef with Pork Green Chile, Cheese and Potato

Bacon (Mild) – 

Bacon, Egg, Pork Green Chile, Cheese and Potato

Bean and Beef (Med/Hot) – 

Ground Beef, Bacon, Chorizo, Bean and Cheese

Sausage Mild – 

Sausage, Egg, Pork Green Chile, Cheese and Potato

Chicken (Mild/Med) – 

Dark and White Chicken Meat, Pork Green Chile, Cheese and Potato

Chorizo, Egg and Potato (Mild/Med) – 

All meat Chorizo with Egg, Potato, and Pork Green Chili and Cheese

Steak, Egg, Potato with Salsa (Med/Hot) – 

Sirloin Steak, Egg, Potatoes, Salsa, Pork Green Chili and Cheese

Pork, Potato and Green Chili (Med/Hot)

Pork with Potatoes, Pork Green Chili and Cheese