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Our Company – Burrito Kitchens

Our Company


Burrito Kitchens doing things Right!

Manufacturing and Wholesale- The Legal and Right Way to Do it.

To legally wholesale sell food products with any meat, including pork green chili, manufacturers must be inspected by the USDA.

Front Range

About Us

We have been producing all-natural burritos in Colorado since 1999!  People know us. With each passing year, we cover more and more territory. We know what our customers want and we provide it. We provide the best-selling flavors; a good variety without getting stuck in a small niche offering products that hardly sell. 


In 2014 we acquired Lorenzo’s Burritos. The Lorenzo’s line of burritos are a high quality C-Store product with a longer shelf-life. While the core of Burrito Kitchens is all-natural, we are able to provide an alternative for those who need the longer shelf-life. You can find them in gas stations, convenience stores, event centers, hotels, and other locales needing a tasty burrito to last a bit longer.


 Burrito Kitchens® manufacturing facilities and production practices are safe, closed to the public, FDA and USDA inspected. We’re HACCP, U.S. Military and Homeland Security compliant and approved. We take the safe handling and processing of our products seriously. Every product produced in our CCTV monitored kitchen has been inspected, USDA certified (meat products) and labeled accordingly. Additionally, our kitchen staff have completed extensive food handling training and key members are ServSafe® certified.

Our Products

 We make good burritos. We eat them ourselves because we like them. Our families eat them because they like them.

USDA certification is more than a stamp on our product. It means that we adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness, production, safety, and security. Our facility and products are inspected personally by USDA inspectors on a daily basis. Our team has the best training and maintain strict adherence to policy. Our procedures follow USDA guidelines from production to shipping to storage to display, and finally, to the consumer’s hands.

Contact us in Longmont, CO:         Phone: 720-652-9000         sales@burritokitchens.com